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Dennis T. Jaffe
Dennis T. Jaffe

For over 40 years, Denis Jaffe has been one of the leading architects of the field of family enterprise consulting. He is a clinical psychologist and an organizational consultant and helps multi-generational families to develop governance practices that build the capability of next generation leadership.

Dennis helps large, global families manage personal and organizational issues that lead to successful and fulfilling transfer of businesses, wealth, values, commitments and legacies between generations.

He is a family business fellow at the Cornell Johnson College of Business, and is also cited by Family Wealth Report for special commendation as an individual thought leader. He has served on the board of Family Firm Institute. Dennis was awarded with the Richard Beckhard and International Awards. In 2007 he was Thinker in Residence for S. Australia, helping the region design a strategic plan for the future of their entrepreneurial and family businesses.